When it comes to enhancing your outdoor living space, investing in high-quality outdoor furniture is essential. But if you’re in the picturesque region of Southwest Florida, where the weather can be as unpredictable as it is beautiful, finding outdoor furniture that lasts the longest becomes crucial. In this FAQ guide, we answer your top questions about outdoor furniture materials that stand strong against SWFL’s elements and the best brands and time to purchase. 

Whether you’re a seasoned resident or a newcomer to the Sunshine State, join us in discovering the secrets to selecting and maintaining outdoor furniture that weathers the storm and elevates your outdoor haven.


What is the most durable outdoor furniture for Florida weather?

Image of a comfortable resin wicker glider and couch with cushions, perfect for relaxing outdoors.

Picking suitable outdoor furniture material for Florida living can be a learning curve. It’s all about classics like wrought iron and natural wicker in the northern states. But in Southwest Florida, the salt air causes wrought iron to rust. And the intense heat? Well, let’s just say wicker doesn’t stand a chance.

The real troopers of outdoor furniture materials that last the longest are resin wicker, Marine Grade Polymer (super-tough plastic), and the champ of rust resistance, powder-coated aluminum. These aren’t just materials – they’re your ticket to furniture that’s as sturdy as it is stunning.

For all you homeowners aiming for that mix of durable and beautiful, these material options are like the superheroes of outdoor furniture, battling the crazy Florida weather patterns like pros. Whether the skies open up or the sun’s out in full force, your outdoor space stays inviting, rain or shine.


What month is best to buy outdoor furniture?

The best time to purchase patio furniture in Southwest Florida is during the off-season, which usually starts at the end of April and goes through September. Most retailers are deeply discounting their floor models and stock to make room for new merchandise coming in for October. 

At Elegant Outdoor Living, we have floor models priced at 65% off because we want to make room for the new collections we purchased for the 2023-2024 season. While the off-season reigns supreme here, it’s quite the opposite in the northern states.


What is the best brand to purchase in Florida?

Selecting the ideal outdoor furniture brand in Florida is like finding the perfect beach spot – it depends on what suits your taste. Your style, the material you fancy, and the brand’s industry reputation all play a part. 

Well-known, established names, like Castelle, Winston, and Troptione, bring the durability and warranty for top-tier powder-coated aluminum.

When it comes to resin wicker, Patio Renaissance is the go-to. If you’re a fan of Marine Grade Polymer, Seaside Casual has got you covered. 

Our best advice is to check out the manufacturer, the retailer, their warranty policies, and offered coverage before purchasing. At EOL, we’ve got your back – we stand by every manufacturer we showcase in-store.


Why is patio furniture so expensive?

Patio and lanai furniture requires the use of better materials and is also made using more sustainable and efficient methods, which allows it to withstand constant element exposure and even prevent pests. The elevated patio furniture cost directly correlates with its superior quality and craftsmanship.


What is the easiest outdoor furniture to maintain?

Image of Berkley Sling Chair with a detailed focus on the chair arm

The easiest outdoor furniture to keep clean is aluminum. Aluminum patio furniture is durable, so it’s great for the outdoors. It will last for years and years of use, but it also has a smooth surface that won’t get dirty easily. You can easily clean it with water and soap if it picks up a bit of grime.

Let’s also talk about seating materials that are a breeze to maintain. You’ve got options like sling, padded sling, and the classic cushion. But here’s the nifty trick: Textilene Sling takes the crown, even when dealing with high-performance outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella.

Sling is less upkeep and a lightning-quick dry-down. So, if you’re all about simplicity, sling seating is your go-to choice for an effortlessly maintained outdoor haven.


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