A modern outdoor retreat is a carefully curated outdoor space that combines contemporary design elements, functional furniture, and a tranquil ambiance to create a relaxing and inviting environment. It is a space where you can unwind, entertain guests, or simply enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort. Here are some ideas and steps you can take to create your own modern lanai, patio, balcony, or backyard retreat in beautiful Southwest Florida.


The Fundamentals of Infusing Modern Outdoor Furniture and Accessories into Your Design

When designing your modern outdoor retreat, defining the functionality and how you plan to use your area is the first step to creating a space that truly reflects your taste and meets your needs. 

Modern spaces are clean and fluid in design. There is an element of aesthetics using hard elements like aluminum frames and softening with a wall of succulents or greenery. With every ‘hard’ material, there should be a balance of something softer, and always remember bringing the indoors out is key to fluid style throughout the home.

Adding shade to your outdoor area not only enhances functionality but also defines its style, as exemplified above by the Tuuci Umbrella Collection with its signature polished aluminum, 303 stainless steel frames, and uniquely shaped canopies that create a strikingly modern aesthetic.


Choose Modern Outdoor Furniture Materials

When selecting modern materials for outdoor furniture, consider options such as mixed materials like teak with black or white aluminum frames or fully upholstered outdoor modular furniture. Powder-coated aluminum is favored in modern outdoor furniture for its sleek designs and shapes achieved through welding and bending, resulting in a fluid and contemporary aesthetic.

Matte finishes like Gunmetal from Castelle or Titanium from Brown Jordan are popular for frame colors. Brown Jordan has recently introduced a vibrant range of powder-coated aluminum frame colors, including Bayleaf-a mossy green, daffodil-a bright yellow, austin-a rustic orange, and arctic-a baby blue. 

Dekton tops for fireplaces and table tops add a modern and durable touch, combining both function and style. At EOL, we assist our customers in designing their outdoor spaces, and many customers have been opting for a modern finish on traditional frames to elevate the overall look and achieve a more contemporary style. 


Create Focal Points with Statement Pieces



Create a focal point with modern furniture pieces that stand apart from your other furniture collections to really make that “wow” statement. Opt for modern furniture pieces such as the Cerchi cocktail table from Bernhardt Exteriors (photo above) or the Tupelo Good bask chairs, faux stone fire pits, or hanging resin wicker and rope swing chairs from Azzurro Living. These pieces add functionality, contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal, and will catch the eyes of your visitors.


Add Accessories and Greenery 

Accessories and a splash of greenery are the final components when creating a modern oasis. Outdoor lamps, solar lanterns, decorative cushions, throw pillows, artwork, and outdoor rugs can elevate the ambiance and create a modern oasis look and feel. Integrating plants and natural elements like water features, succulents, or potted herbs brings a refreshing and calming aspect to the space.


Ultimately, a modern outdoor retreat is a thoughtfully designed and curated space. If you’re ready to turn your outdoor living area into a stylish environment for relaxation and entertainment while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, come shop at our showrooms so we can help turn your vision into a reality.