The Atlantic hurricane season typically spans from June 1st to November 30th each year. This timeframe can be nerve-wracking for Southwest Floridians, as this region is no stranger to the destructive power of tropical storms and hurricanes. We wanted to provide essential tips for safeguarding your lanai and outdoor furniture during these turbulent times, from documenting your outdoor furniture for insurance precautions to placement strategies. Here are 6 critical steps you can take.

How to prepare your lanai and outdoor furniture for a hurricane 

Take Inventory for Insurance Purposes

Before the storm strikes, it’s crucial to document your outdoor furniture’s current condition. Take clear photographs of each piece from various angles. This will serve as valuable evidence for your insurance claim in case of damage or loss. Store these images in a secure digital location, making them easily accessible when needed.


Move Furniture Close to Your Home or Indoors

One of the most effective ways to protect your outdoor furniture is to move it closer to your home or indoors. Move all lightweight accessories, cushions, and smaller items inside to prevent them from becoming dangerous projectiles in high winds. If you cannot move larger pieces indoors, consider using durable furniture covers to shield them from the elements.


Safeguard Heavy Tables

Heavy outdoor tables can be vulnerable during a hurricane. To prevent damage or displacement, gently place them on their side, securing them to a stable anchor point if possible. This simple step can help keep your furniture intact and reduce potential hazards during the storm.

Investing in protective furniture covers is another effective strategy for protecting your outdoor tables. We offer a wide selection of covers tailored to fit all furniture types and sizes that act as an extra layer of defense, shielding your table from scratches and minor damage caused by shifting winds or flying debris. This is an ideal solution for tables that are too large or cumbersome to move indoors.

protective furniture covers on outdoor loungers and umbrellas

Secure All Outdoor Umbrellas

Umbrellas are susceptible to strong winds and can cause significant damage if improperly secured. Close and secure all umbrella canopies to prevent them from being caught by gusts. Disassembling and storing large cantilever umbrellas indoors is best to ensure their safety.


Protect Potted and Hanging Plants

Your beloved outdoor plants also need protection during a hurricane. Bring smaller potted and hanging plants indoors to shield them from wind and rain. For larger potted plants and trees, lay them on their sides with their tops facing away from the expected direction of strong hurricane winds to prevent damage to the plants and reduce the risk of them toppling over.


Avoid the Pool Pitfall

In the chaos of storm preparation, placing your outdoor furniture in the swimming pool might be tempting, thinking it will keep them secure. However, this is a grave mistake. Placing your furniture in the pool can cause significant damage to the pool’s structure and plumbing, not to mention potential safety hazards. Always keep your furniture out of the pool, even during a hurricane.

Preparing your lanai and outdoor furniture is paramount to minimize potential damage and safety risks if a hurricane or tropical storm is headed to our region. Remember to take inventory with photographs, relocate or cover your furniture, secure heavy items, and protect your plants. By following these guidelines, you can hopefully reduce the impact of a hurricane on your outdoor living space.


Elegant Outdoor Living Has You Covered

At Elegant Outdoor Living, we understand the importance of protecting your outdoor furniture. Explore our range of high-quality furniture covers to protect your outdoor pieces during storms and hurricanes. Don’t wait until the next storm warning – invest in the protection your outdoor furniture deserves. Contact us with any outdoor furniture questions.