Your outdoor sanctuary is an extension of your personal style, and at Elegant Outdoor Living, we’re here to help you curate an environment to reflect that. To kick off the new year, we have curated this styling guide article with insights to empower you to craft an outdoor sanctuary that truly mirrors your style, whether you’re drawn to the seamless fusion of modern and traditional aesthetics or the laid-back charm of coastal chic. 


Transitional Design: The Best of Both Worlds

Transitional design, a harmonious blend of modern and traditional styles, is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the best of both worlds. Imagine a space defined by tonal, textural, and monochromatic elements, adorned with comfortable streamlined furniture and neutral color palettes, although pops of color are welcomed.

Styling Tips: Integrate linear furniture with a touch of softer curves, like an organic-shaped cocktail table from Azzurro Living, an upholstered circular custom outdoor ottoman from Triad Cushions, or a Frankford umbrella with a silver anodized frame and white canopy, to strike the perfect balance between modern simplicity and traditional embellishments. 

Incorporate the newest outdoor fabric trend by opting for furniture made with marine-grade leather by Bernhardt. This design choice perfectly blends traditional pieces with a modern style.


Coastal Chic Design: Refined Relaxation

If you yearn for a relaxed and refined outdoor space, coastal chic design is the answer. Embrace neutral tones like white and beige to convey a tranquil atmosphere. Coastal Chic is all about monochromatic colors and natural elements. Opt for an ocean-inspired accent chair like the Naples chair from Bernhardt Exterior (shown above) and pair it with an upholstered sofa using outdoor fabrics from Sunbrella, Outdura, and Bliss. 

Styling Tip: Integrate casual furniture, raw or unfinished materials like driftwood or teak, and eclectic pieces with a touch of rattan, and complement with sisal or jute style rugs (check out Kravia from Oriental Weavers) looks natural but is made 100% of polypropylene for enhanced outdoor performance., sea glass details, and gauzy linen drapery.


Mod Contemporary Design: Sleek Simplicity

Step into the future with modern, contemporary design characterized by basic forms, solid colors, and minimalist concepts. Visual lightness and smooth lines on frame designs define this style. In its MIX collection, Jensen Leisure has perfected the Contemporary design using Ipe wood. 

Styling Tip: Opt for outdoor furniture featuring simple shapes like squares, rectangles, and circles, designed to fit together seamlessly. Remember, form follows function for a sleek and modern outdoor atmosphere. Check out our selection of Castelle tulip tables that can be finished in shiny platinum to matte white. 


Mastering the Art of Harmony: Blending Coastal and Modern Decor-Coastal Contemporary

Interested in infusing your outdoor space with a timeless blend of coastal charm and modern sophistication? Let’s unravel the secrets to creating this harmonious fusion of styles. 

  1. Add an accent chair in reclaimed grey teak to compliment an upholstered sofa.
  2. Integrate polished finishes on cocktail and accent tables into the design, from sleek metallic accents to glossy surfaces, creating a refined touch that complements the laid-back coastal vibes. 
  3. Mix in accent pillows with wide or monotype stripes, paired with neutral color cushions and a sisal-style rug from Oriental Weavers like our best-seller, the Karavia. 
  4. Choose natural materials such as white and natural options like teak, reclaimed teak, and Jensen’s ipe wood to blend natural beauty with a touch of sophistication.
  5. Incorporate outdoor canvas wall art, adding a touch of contemporary flair with coastal vibes.
  6. Infuse ocean motifs into the decor with tabletop accessories or wall art—a subtle nod to the coastal inspiration that ties the elements together. 
  7. Complete the ensemble with a mix of rattan side tables or lanterns for a stylish and inviting outdoor space.

This thoughtful blend of modern aesthetics with coastal essentials ensures your outdoor space becomes a haven of timeless elegance, inviting comfort, and chic sophistication. 


Your outdoor space is a canvas waiting to showcase your unique style. With these design style tips, you can confidently create an elegant, timeless outdoor atmosphere that mirrors your taste. Don’t be afraid to embrace the art of mixing and matching outdoor furniture styles to curate a space that reflects your vision and enhances your outdoor living experience. Shop for the latest transitional style, coastal chic, and modern outdoor furniture at Elegant Outdoor Living at our Sarasota, Naples, and Bonita Springs locations.