At Elegant Outdoor Living, we believe sustainability and environmental stewardship should never come at the cost of style and quality. As we celebrate Earth Day this month, we want to share more about the sustainable and environmentally friendly outdoor furniture brands we carry at our family-owned and operated business. 

“We pride ourselves on partnering with brands that continue to promote and protect a positive environment through their manufacturing processes worldwide to bring our customers sustainable, earth-friendly products,” from the owners of Elegant Outdoor Living.


Telescope Casual Furniture 

Telescope Casual Furniture is strongly committed to sustainability in its processes and manufacturing products. 

One of their key initiatives is using marine-grade Polymer (MGP) in their furniture. Shipbuilders have used this high-tech material for over 20 years, and it is extremely durable and environmentally friendly. MGP brings plenty of advantages for consumers as it’s impervious to water, resistant to cracking and rotting, and poses no fire hazard.

Telescope Casual Furniture also has a history of using waste from its wood operations to heat its manufacturing facility, reducing the reliance on fuel oil by millions of gallons. This brand is truly a leader in sustainability within the furniture industry.


Jensen Leisure Furniture

Jensen Leisure Furniture takes sustainability seriously in their process and manufacturing of products. They source their wood from FSC-certified forests in Eastern Bolivia, which cover over 2 million acres of dry-tropical forests. By managing these forests through small-footprint harvesting techniques, this brand ensures the longevity and diversity of the forests. 

At Jensen Outdoor, sustainable practices are at the forefront. They selectively harvest century-old mature Ipe trees, allowing younger trees to replenish the forest. This commitment is reinforced by their FSC certification, guaranteeing adherence to strict standards for forest stewardship. 

Jensen Outdoor’s creative furniture design and manufacturing techniques add value to these natural resources, offering customers stylish and sustainable wood furniture while supporting forest preservation.



MAMAGREEN prioritizes sustainability in their process and manufacturing. They source teak from abandoned buildings and sustainably harvested forests, ensuring that over 90% of their teak is recycled or recyclable. 

With a dedicated in-house team and manufacturing facility in Java, Indonesia, MAMAGREEN produces furniture that is tested for durability and crafted by skilled artists. This conscious approach to material selection ensures that MAMAGREEN products blend style while minimizing environmental impact.


Barlow Tyrie

Barlow Tyrie is recognized for producing luxury outdoor furniture with a keen focus on sustainability in their manufacturing process. This brand is the world’s oldest teak leisure furniture manufacturer, using first-grade plantation-grown teak, mainly from Indonesia, where sustainable forestry practices are employed. 

Their commitment to using the highest quality materials extends to their modern ranges, which are tested and approved to appropriate British Standards for safety and strength and include marine-grade stainless steel and virgin aluminum. 


We understand that investing in quality furniture often comes with a higher price tag, but the key lies in knowing where the materials are sourced from and supporting countries that align with your beliefs. 

By choosing to invest in sustainable brands, you are not just buying furniture; you are making a statement and supporting a cause. 

“Being a family business, we are committed to contributing to the success of our beautiful earth and partnering with sustainable outdoor furniture brands so our kids and grandkids can see the exquisite views we complement daily with our furniture. We want to continue highlighting our beautiful waters, lush tropical gardens, and natural Everglades. Our piece of paradise is just one place on this earth that we can protect by providing our customers with environmentally friendly products,” from the owners of Elegant Outdoor Living.

Shop for environmentally friendly outdoor furniture near you in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Sarasota at Elegant Outdoor Living. Contact us with any questions about these brands or our furniture.