When searching for the ideal outdoor furniture for your patio in Southwest Florida, questions often arise concerning warranties, maintenance, fabric options, and materials. Our design and outdoor furniture experts answered the most frequently asked questions to help you in your shopping journey.

How do I clean my outdoor cushions? 

Keeping your outdoor furniture looking its best requires regular cleaning and maintenance. We recommend wiping down your outdoor furniture at least once a week with mild soap and water to help prevent dirt and debris from building up and becoming more challenging to remove.

For stains or tougher dirt, use a soft bristle brush and gently scrub the affected areas. The brush helps lift dirt from crevices and intricate wicker weaves without damaging the material. 

You can add bleach to your soap and water if you have solution-dyed fabric like Sunbrella and Outdura. Just check the Sunbrella cleaning guide first to ensure your fabric type allows bleach.


How do I clean my patio furniture? 

For best results, always refer to the furniture manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations to help extend the life of your outdoor furniture. Most brands have their own fabric cleaners. We carry a large selection of cleaners, protectors, and stain removers that are safe for all outdoor fabrics and materials.


What kind of warranty do you offer? 

Outdoor furniture warranties vary widely depending on the manufacturer. Most brands offer warranties ranging from 1 year to lifetime coverage on slings, cushions, fabric, and frames.

If you experience any defects covered under warranty, please contact us, and we will submit a claim to the manufacturer. As your local, trusted outdoor furniture retailer, we are your point of contact for all warranty inquiries and issues.

The manufacturer ultimately decides how to address warranty claims, whether it’s by repairing or replacing defective components. But we’re here to help explain warranty terms, check on claim status, and make the process as smooth as possible.

It’s important to note that proper care and maintenance of your outdoor furniture will prolong its usable life significantly. Following the manufacturer’s care and cleaning guidelines helps prevent damage that could void the warranty.


What is the best patio furniture for Florida that can be out in the open or used in the pool?

The subtropical climate of Florida requires patio furniture that can withstand intense sun, heat, humidity, and the occasional rainstorm. When choosing outdoor furniture for Florida, focus on these durable, weather-resistant materials.

Marine Grade Polymer

Marine grade polymer, also known as HDPE (high-density polyethylene), is one of Florida’s most popular patio furniture materials. It stands up well to the sun, salt air, and moisture. Polymer is easy to clean and maintain. It won’t crack, peel, or chip. MGP comes in a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Powder-Coated Aluminum

Powder-coated aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and well-suited to Florida’s climate, as it is more chip and peel-resistant than standard paint. It allows aluminum patio furniture to withstand sun, rain, and salt air without fading. Powder-coated aluminum patio furniture features clean lines and is available in all types of sets.

Resin Wicker

Resin wicker has the look of natural wicker but is more durable. Resin won’t crack or peel like real wicker. It is woven over aluminum frames. Resin wicker comes in many colors and styles. It sheds water easily, won’t fade or discolor in sunlight, and stands up well to humidity and salt air. Resin wicker is a popular, low-maintenance choice for Florida patios–learn more here.


Why is outdoor furniture more expensive than indoor furniture? 

Outdoor furniture tends to be pricier than indoor furniture due to its construction with durable, weather-resistant materials such as powder-coated aluminum, teak wood, synthetic wicker, and marine-grade polymers. 

These materials can withstand sun exposure, rainfall, and salt air, which is common in humid, subtropical climates like Southwest Florida. The furniture is designed to endure continuous exposure to harsh environmental factors, preventing rust, mildew, fading, warping, rotting, or instability in windy conditions. 

This “weatherproof premium” makes it more of an investment than indoor furnishings. However, quality patio furniture designed for local climates will last for years with proper care.


Do you sell off the floor? 

We have a warehouse where we do hold stock. Customers are encouraged to explore and test our floor model furniture in any of our showroom locations. 

As seasons end or inventory decreases, these floor models are sold at a significant discount, providing an excellent opportunity to scoop up quality patio furniture at a lower cost. If you’re in immediate need, you can purchase a floor model on the spot. This win-win situation allows customers to enjoy discounted prices while we clear space for upcoming collections.


Can someone come to my home and help me plan my space? 

Yes, we offer FREE in-home design consultations. Contact us or stop in our showrooms to set up an appointment with our talented team of designers.


What kind of delivery do you offer? 

Our white delivery service goes above and beyond to ensure your new furniture arrives in perfect condition. Our in-house EOL delivery crew and brand-new trucks are equipped to transport your new patio furniture safely and in a timely manner.

When your furniture arrives, our delivery team will carefully unbox each item, inspect it, and place it exactly where you want it on your patio. We handle the heavy lifting so you can relax and enjoy your new outdoor living space. All packaging materials will be removed and disposed of properly.

We want to make buying, transporting, and setting up new patio furniture as seamless and stress-free as possible for our valued customers.


How do I measure my patio and know what furniture will fit? 

Measuring your space before you start shopping is always a good idea. Check out these helpful resources: How to Pick the Right Outdoor Furniture, Height and Compatability for Choosing Barstools, and A Measuring Guide for Outdoor Umbrella Sizes.


I found the same furniture online, will you match the price? 

We have a price guarantee that we stand by to match online and fellow retailers. We will match the price if it is the same exact item. When you buy from a small business retailer like EOL, you receive white glove delivery, high-quality personal service, follow-up on your purchase to ensure your satisfaction, and if a need arises for repairs.


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