Resin wicker furniture is an excellent choice for homeowners in Southwest Florida due to its durability, all-weather tolerance, and lightweight nature. We know that education is a key process in purchasing furniture for your home since there are a variety of styles and materials to consider. We’re excited to share more about resin wicker as a top choice for outdoor patio furniture in the sunshine state.

About Wicker Furniture


The term “wicker” refers to a weaving style to make furniture. Weaving materials into a sturdy and durable base creates wicker furniture, which is then painted or stained to create the desired color and finish. Factors such as the thickness of the material, the distance between strands, and the number of strands all determine the piece’s overall design. The weaving process has been utilized for centuries to craft well-made and lasting furniture pieces perfect for any outdoor area.

There are two general types of wicker used to create furniture. Natural wicker is typically made from plant fibers such as rattan, seagrass, or bamboo. Synthetic wicker is usually made from polyethylene, which is more durable and weather-resistant than natural materials.

Benefits of Resin Wicker Furniture in Southwest Florida


Since resin wicker is made from synthetic polyethylene fibers, it is highly durable and resistant to damage from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and water. These materials are durable and can handle most outdoor elements, which ensures you can enjoy resin-wicker furniture for years without worrying about it deteriorating quickly.

Low Maintenance 

Made from PVC or other synthetic materials, this type of wicker looks remarkably similar to natural wicker while being much easier to care for and requiring minimal maintenance. 

You only need to hose it down occasionally or clean it with dish soap to keep it looking great. This is particularly useful for Southwest Floridians, where mold and mildew can be problematic. Resin wicker’s water-resistant properties also make it an ideal choice for poolside furniture.

Since wicker furniture is durable, it does not need extensive repairs but might occasionally need to replace reeds that are bent or broken. This material is also extremely lightweight, making it easy to rearrange as it is often used over aluminum frames to create outdoor furniture

Great All-Weather Furniture

As a material, resin wicker holds up well in all weather conditions. Whether it’s hail storms and extreme cold or intense humidity and heat, resin wicker furniture will remain in excellent condition. It’s a great choice for homeowners who want durable, aesthetically pleasing furniture that can withstand the unpredictable weather patterns of Florida.



Resin wicker furniture adds a unique elegance to any outdoor space. Its intricate weaving pattern can be found in various colors and styles, making it easy for homeowners to find one that perfectly complements their exterior décor. 

Since it is durable and fashionable, it is ideal for seating and tables. It is also an excellent choice for various outdoor accessories, such as an attractive outdoor bar. Resin furniture is a perfect material for just about any piece of outdoor furniture with its versatility that can fit into just about every décor or motif. 


Resin wicker furniture comes in different price points depending on the construction and the materials used. High-end wicker will have a matte finish and is made with virgin plastic materials with added UV inhibitors to prevent fading. Lower-end resin wicker will have a shiny finish and is made with a combination of raw materials that can fade and crack easily.


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