Are you looking to spruce up your backyard or outdoor area? Whether you want to entertain more guests or add a pop of personality, 2023 brings exciting outdoor furniture trends for everyone. From luxurious interior brands taking on the outdoors, using mixed materials, larger dining and seating groups, to bold pops of color, these pieces are perfect for creating a new and exciting space in your backyard or patio. Let’s uncover the top outdoor furniture trends in 2023.

Mixed Materials and Collections

Outfitting your outdoor patio with mixed materials and collections is a great way to create a practical and stylish space in 2023. This year, we’re seeing the use of complementary mixed materials in outdoor furniture, such as teak wood with aluminum, ipe wood with wicker, rope with aluminum, and natural materials. Don’t be shy to mix outdoor collections as well. Integrating different colors, accent tables, and chairs from other collections provide an eclectic designer look.

Lighter Frame Colors

Lighter frame colors with neutral, natural finishes are another hot trend that gives your outdoor space a modern and breezy feel while adding a touch of sophistication. Light gray, off-white, and taupe are all popular tones for outdoor furniture frames that are perfect for making both small and large complexes look chic and inviting. These lighter colors are an excellent backdrop for vibrant outdoor accessories like cushions and pillows while complementing the natural environment.


Interior Styles and Brands Moving Outdoors

Luxury interior brands are expanding their collections outdoors, allowing consumers to bring the same looks and styles they have inside of their homes outside as well. Bernhardt, Vanguard, and Lexington are just a few high-end brands offering outdoor collections that boast quality, durability, and longevity. With these luxury outdoor collections, you can seamlessly extend your interior design into your outdoor spaces for an inviting space that truly reflects your style.

Larger Dining and Seating Groups 

Now that gathering and socializing are back in full swing, we are seeing larger dining and seating groups as a hot trend to accommodate more entertaining outdoors. Make your outdoor living area comfortable and inviting with armless chaise lounges for extra seating around the pool, rockers by the fire pit, extra-large or modular outdoor sectional sofas, and counter-table height bar stools for outdoor kitchen areas.

Bold Pops of Color

Outdoor furniture trends are moving away from all-grey schemes to bold and brightly-colored choices for cushions, pillows, rugs, and accessories. Geometric shapes, abstract designs, and stripes on umbrellas and pillows add more pizzazz, especially on the coast here in Southwest Florida.


Modular and Stacking Furniture 

Modular outdoor furniture is gaining popularity as more people look to optimize comfort and convenience. This creative design approach gives you versatility and functionality as pieces can be rearranged and styled with multiple seating options, interchangeable components, and optional custom pieces to fit your needs and accommodate guests.


Quality and Warranty Guarantees 

In 2023, outdoor furniture trends are shifting to prioritize quality and warranty guarantees. Since customers are investing more in high-quality, durable outdoor furniture made to last, we are also seeing an increase in the use of maintenance care products and replacement cushions due to the longevity of frames.

Sustainably-Made Furniture

For outdoor furniture connoisseurs looking for reliable and luxurious pieces to add to their outdoor living space, sustainably-made furniture is a trend worth keeping an eye on. Brands are now utilizing marine-grade polymer material—known for its strength and durability—as a more sustainable approach to outdoor furniture. Take Seaside Casual furniture, for example, created from Envirowood, an all-weather marine grade recycled HDPE polymer composed of the same material used to construct milk jugs. 


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